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Alien bugs have swarmed to earth with a nasty, single-minded goal: breed, kill, breed, kill, then breed some more until the world has been fully colonized. Ick. Enter the few, the proud, the Armorines, an elite military team with high-tech weapons, tons of armor, and a revulsion for otherworldly pests.
This 3-D first-person shooter pits players against swarm after swarm of extraterrestrial bugs, each exhibiting smart artificial intelligence (AI) and clever group attacks. Killing the swarms requires tackling pest control missions in a variety of locations around the globe, including Siberia, a South American jungle, and the Egyptian desert.
The adventure mode offers five stages with four missions each. In-air raids require players to clear the land of as many bugs as possible before waging a head-to-head ground assault. Armorines: Project S.W.A.R.M. offers plenty of multiplayer options. A cooperative mode allows two players to tackle the job together, and up to four players can compete in death match-style squishes… er, skirmishes.

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