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Union City is out of control; turmoil and violence rule the day. Vicious gangs like the Wildcats and the Triad roam the streets vying for supremacy. There’s only one person who can hope to step into the fray and restore order: D’arci. In URBAN CHAOS you play D’arci, a young cop trying to prove herself and bring down the insidious gangs. Luckily, you are an ex-gymnast trained in karate and firearms, and you’ll need all your combative skills in order to survive. In dozens of challenging missions you’ll search the city and battle thugs in your quest to halt crime. A huge variety of dangerous missions are here: return a missing car, stop a suicide attempt, capture a gang leader, save a reporter, find clues to a murder, and more. An automatic targeting lock-on mode helps you in battle and you’ll jump, kick, roll, and punch your way through ferocious fights and puzzle-solving scenarios. In the gritty world of URBAN CHAOS, every day on the job could be your last.

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