X-Bladez In Line Skating CIB


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Games that do not have CIB or NEW in title are not guaranteed to come with a manual, a case, and/or artwork

Get ready to race in the greatest cities of the world in countries like Britain America France China Australia and South America. Skate around the Statue of Liberty escape from Alcatraz get a tan on Bondi Beach or scale the heights of the Great Wall of China. Obstacles jumps and spposing racers bring the world and the races to life. Unlock new environments as you progress and upgrade your skates with the money you earn. How are your wheels? Do you need to patch up those injuries with a health boost; can you afford those dream speed skates? All these will change as you progress keeping interest in the game alive. Wheels can also be tweaked to give emphasis on speed increase adn stability or maneuverability and instability giving the player an advantage against other competitors.

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